Le Mans or Bust


We’re back.  We arrived at about half ten, unloaded, and went our seperate ways.  I’ll give the Espace this, it was a lot faster than DYK even if it was lacking in style.  Amazingly they seem to have constructed a large number of ‘Private Roads’ between Kent and York that certainly weren’t there on the way down.

I’m now sat in my flat having had a beer, and getting ready to put the nails in the coffin of the trip.

A big thanks again to our sponsors, and also to everyone who’s followed our progress along the way.  Keep an eye on the site as there’s more to come, and we have to start planning for next year….

9 Responses to “York.”

  1. Lennie Says:

    I suggest building your own electirc car or hovercraft for next year.

  2. Dave ( Chris`s Dad ) Says:

    There`s a gadgy across the road from me has a Fiat mobile home been stood a year or two now there`s a thought , blah,blah.

  3. Darren Says:

    Home Sweet Home!

    I like the electric car idea, in fact, you could fill it with all sorts of widely different things and it would then be an ‘eclectic car’ as well :)

    Sorry, couldnt resist - in honour of your most British success.


  4. Oli Says:

    Next year you have to do away with the ferry.

  5. Orde Says:

    Phil has been talking about pedalos across the channel for for a while - don’t encourage him!

  6. Mary (flag provider) Says:

    Tom, I am so impressed!
    (Not that I for a second thought you couldn’t do it)
    Well done the amateur cabbies!
    PLEASE go in a boat next year
    (one with james bond-y style engine and wheels…that could maybe be a plane as well…?)
    (and hi to all those office MUD lot)

  7. Han (motorworld) Says:

    hey gus, sorry not had chance to wish u luck.. some fight with the terrible AOL!

    such a shame it never came back, but then again, i say dubs are the way forward! ;)

  8. Darren Says:

    Hey Guys!

    Any plans for next year yet?


  9. Tom Says:

    Some thoughts have been bandied about for 2 years time, as I won’t be able to make it next year. I’m liking the thought of….well that would be telling :-)

J885 DYK