Le Mans or Bust


That’s it.  It’s over.  DYK is no more.  The car breaker has been called, and our journey will be completed in a hire car. Enterprise Rent-A-Car are picking us up at 4pm and taking us back to Dover to complete the paperwork, and then it’ll be a leisurely trundle up the motorway to York.

Rust in Pieces

If anyone at any of our workplaces is reading this, we’re likely to be a bit tired tomorrow.  Cut us some slack.  We’ve just lost a beloved friend.

6 Responses to “RIP DYK”

  1. Dave ( Chris`s Dad ) Says:

    Abius Corpus , das DYK est Mort`e . I feel as though Ive lost a friend . Still , the fun has been had , so get the vino out and celebrate . The DYK is dead, Long live the DYK . Dont ever forget it .

  2. Joel Says:

    So close yet so far. Condolences on your loss. At least you got back to blighty

  3. Tim Says:

    I can see feature films, or better still an Ardman Anamation - Wallace and Gromit esk advanture cartoon - voices by Richard E Grant, Huge Grant, Ewan McGregor etc.
    I claim Managerial rights and Copy right for idea - but am willing to seel for a cut of box office takings. I’ll ring my agent

    And Cut!
    DYK - its a wrap

    Well done boys - back to some form of normal tomorrow

  4. Matt Says:

    Sorry to hear it lads.

    See you when you come and pcik up your car.

  5. Fiona & Paul Says:

    We are gutted - she never made it back!!
    We passed in the beaten up multi coloured beetle (a black one following) and gave a wave.

  6. Darren Says:

    :( Nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There ne’er were such a faithal DYK….

J885 DYK