Le Mans or Bust

Post Mortem

We established what was wrong (see the post mortem here) no thanks to the RAC, who - when they heard what was wrong - decided that they wouldn’t send out a mechanic, just a recovery truck to take us to a garage. We drove there even with a knackered steering assembly, but thanks for the kind offer.

Finally DYK drove proudly onto the breaker’s van which then drove off taking our valliant steed on its final journey.

The final leg of our journey will be completed thanks to Enterprise who will be picking us up in about an hour.

2 Responses to “Post Mortem”

  1. Steve H Says:

    Oh dear - I have to admit that despite being an old and cynical teesider, I had a tear in my eye as DYK was majestically carted off to the happy hunting grounds.

    The poor boy Tom was inconsolable - oh the Drama….

    All that is left is for DYK to escape from the evil cockneys yard and limp 300 miles home just like in come home lassie….instead of holding a limp paw in the air a steering column and a broken set of bolts -surely a film must be in the offing.

  2. Oli Says:

    DYK, we hardly knew ye. Or, if you did know DYK, alas.

    The post mortem was interesting (and just about the scariest thing I’ve seen under a bonnet since my old Triumph’s radiator burst on the M62), but that was a definite telephone voice from Tom.

J885 DYK