Le Mans or Bust


We’re back on the road again in our new transport, a Renault Espace. It’s large and comfortable and is capable of going more than twice as fast as DYK. Tom is now ‘making time’.

HN05 ULA (Hoola)

3 Responses to “HN05 ULA”

  1. ian (toms pal) Says:

    if any of you are reading this youre probably still alive, this is the first time since you set off that i have chance to check on youre progress cos i have been bizzy with my (normal boring nonsteering rack sheering) life its a shame realy LTI make a vehicle of robust quality an tom finds its lesser infirm sadonistic brother all i can say is im glad i got me chocolate bickys out of harms way before you set off(tom will explain) glad you made it back to blighty even if it is to the tune of one less hope apart from the obvious you had fun see you later tom to catch up

  2. Darren Says:

    Can we have a time of arrival in Eboracum please????

    Some of us are wondering when you enter the city…

  3. mark Says:

    Making it back to blighty is enough for me chaps, technically you ‘won’ the challenge. If anything a hire car for the remainder of the journey is a luxurious prize for a valiant effort all round. It might not look like it from there, but deep down inside, I’m doing a mexican wave.


J885 DYK