Le Mans or Bust

Homeward bound.

4 Responses to “Homeward bound.”

  1. mark Says:

    *mark sheds a small tear of pride.

    Surely nothing can go wrong now can it? However if this is ever going to be made into a Hollywood blockbuster, you chaps are gunna have to partake in at least 1 car chase with the fuzz and possibly end with an explosion of some sort.

    See what you can do (no pressure).

  2. Dave ( Chris`s Dad ) Says:

    Love the pic on the Ferry , very romantic . Last lap now lads ,

  3. Mel Says:

    That is a very lovely photograph

    m x

  4. Tim Says:

    Photo taken from life boat? Just in case? RO/RO your boat gently across the sea

    There’ll be Taxi’s over the White cliffs of Dover?

J885 DYK