Le Mans or Bust

Back in Blighty

We’re back. There were problems. Aside from the problem with wheels trying to fall off that you already know about, we were also short of time. We made the ferry with just minutes to spare, and anyone who asked for couscous or duck in a jar from the hypermarche is going to be sorely disappointed, because sadly, we had no time.

There was excitement at the end of the ferry journey when Tom managed to lose the keys. Plum. A deck hand found then and gave them to Chris, who, having not driven the taxi before, almost reversed into the poor people behind us. No harm done, though. Chris’s cat-like skills saved the day. Since then we’ve been in the pub for a couple, and now we’re at Orde’s parents’ house, enjoying a warm welcome and looking forward to the opportunity to sleep indoors.

There’s food on the go, so I’m off. Chris looked hungry, so I need to act quickly.

4 Responses to “Back in Blighty”

  1. Mel Says:

    Good to hear you’re safely back in the country. Lunch will be provided tomorrow in York, would one of you be kind enough to let me know when & how many, once you’ve figured it out? And any special requests, food-wise?

    m x

  2. Darren Says:

    Well done well done indeed!

    Dont forget to feed the Taxi some oil as well. I think you now have a few stories to tell around the camp fore :)


  3. Steve H Says:

    Very well done fellas. Glad to hear you made it back - Just like you lot - announcing your victorious entry to Calais via a thunderous rumbling noise from the taxi wheels.

    Safe journey the rest of the way home it has been fun following on the website - great idea.

  4. Dave ( Chris`s Dad ) Says:

    Mel , If you knew my son , the last thing you ask is what he wants to eat , and how much !. I am really glad you all had a great time , as Its similar to an idea my mate Martin and I had back in 1969 only with a single decker United Bus ( we had just seen ” Summer Holiday ” with Cliff Richard ) anyway , ramble , ramble , dozzzzze ! snore , snore ! .

    Seriously I think , ” the boys did well ” , and like Steve H says , its been good following on the web .

J885 DYK