Le Mans or Bust

Race over - beer wall complete.

Over 150 bottles of the finest (sorry cheapest) french lager.


3 Responses to “Race over - beer wall complete.”

  1. Tim Says:

    Le Mans’ very own beer bottle model of Le Luvre?

    If there is room in DYK and the extra load does not knacker the fuel economy etc some of that cheap french brew would be appreciated to celebrate France’s poor form in the World Cup

    Good luck on the return leg

  2. Neil G Says:

    Well done guys, hope you had a top time. All you’ve got to do now is bring the black beauty home. Any room in there for a couple of bottles of Rougue?

    Safe trip back

  3. Joel Says:

    Good work lads, new livers on stand by as soon as I can find some street orphans.

J885 DYK