Le Mans or Bust

The germans know how to go camping!

These guys have satellite TV and beer on draft as well as their giant truck.


8 Responses to “The germans know how to go camping!”

  1. Oli Says:

    I bet they still nick everyone else’s sunloungers though.

  2. Charlotte Says:

    Well done on getting there all of you. I hope that the German’s have a website for their trip and have returned the favour by posting a picture of you and your taxi. Have they given you any beer yet?

  3. Simon Says:

    Stick a towel on the beer keg and claim it as yours.

  4. Tom's Real Boss's left hand man Says:

    Blimey! Their transport looks even more inappropriate for high speed intercontenal motorway journeys. I’ll bet no-one else has one though! Good luck with the journey home - you’ll need it by all accounts…..

  5. Kevin Says:

    Just think of the time they will spend at the petrol pump trying to fill that thing ! ALthough getting to watch the world cup is surely a plus ?

  6. chris Says:

    Never really thought you’d get there!
    Why does Phil always have a can of beer in his hand ?

    Charlotte’s mum

  7. mel Says:

    Is the report on the Houx Annexe challenge coming soon?

  8. The Truck Driver Says:

    Cheers Guys!

    Thanks for the nice head line! I just had to find out the meaning of “bust” so I visited your website… It was a pleasure for us to view your nice cab all the time! Next time you should come over and ask for some beer and watch the games… Then I will ask for a taxi drive to park bleu!

    We came back in one piece and we could have pushed the cab while travelling as we got rid of our 200 liters of excellent german cool beer…

    We meet always twice in lifetime - keep your eyes open, you´re welcome!

    P.S. A truck diesel pump does 60 l/min so it takes just some 2 Minutes to fill it up… ;-)

J885 DYK