Le Mans or Bust

Gottle of gear!

Now that’s what I call fast service! Cheers to the guys from The Porsche Curves Pool Club who have just served us up a 60 mph bottle of beater from their Skyline bar.

3 Responses to “Gottle of gear!”

  1. Porsche Curves Pool Club Says:

    A very memorable moment en route………………..


    Cheers, The Porsche Curves Pool Club

    See you next year!

  2. Tom Says:

    Cheers for the beer gents. We’ll return the favour next year in whatever comedy mode of transport that has been adopted.
    Good photos!

  3. Porsche Curves Pool Club Says:

    Come meet us in our pool chaps and we’ll discuss the finer points of your latest creation!
    We’re already planning bigger and better for 2007!

    Cheers Tom, TPCPC

J885 DYK