Le Mans or Bust

Dawn in Dover

4.45 and all in one piece. Despite having to detour through central london as the M25 was closed.


5 Responses to “Dawn in Dover”

  1. Mel Says:

    That must have got you a few looks…

  2. Tom's Boss Says:

    I can’t believe things are going so well!! Why can’t things work out so well when you come to work young man?

    And, another thing - you don’t mention if you’ve knocked the wing mirrors off yet - is this another skill you keep for out of hours?

  3. Steve H Says:

    Congratulations on reaching Dover, hope you remembered to pay the congestion charge…….. well I guess not first thing in the morning ….did you pick up any fares driving through London?

    Tom Bennett done the knowledge - London Black Cab Driver can now be added to the CV.

  4. Lennie Says:

    Did any one try an hail you?

  5. Orde Says:

    Someone tried to hail us on Coppergate and again on the A2 coming out of London. We just laughed and kept on driving.

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