Le Mans or Bust

Arrived safely !

In le.mans with no problems. Although actually finding the campsite is proving more challenging, there are no signs for anything.


4 Responses to “Arrived safely !”

  1. Mel Says:

    Hurrah! Not that I doubted any of this, but I have been checking in all day, just to make sure tha taxi was holding up (and not just holding up the traffic)

    m x

  2. required Says:

    Well done! And according to the entry above this on the web page, you have only 1 day 23 hours and 21 minutes left to get there, so that is a healthy margin even for an Air Cadet Navigator to find the camp site!

  3. D.Twigg ( Chris`s Dad ) Says:

    Well done everybody , a lot of hard work paid off . have a cracking time , and a safe trip home .

  4. Lennie Says:

    Any plans on how your going to make it back, will the gaffa tape hold for that long?

J885 DYK