Le Mans or Bust

Pre-flight checks…

Radio           -  Check.  Connection between facia & body cleaned with IPA.

Wipers         -  Check.  They work (for the moment) and I didn’t even have to do much to fix them!

Taxi Signs   -   Check.  Wiring hidden (behind Gaffer tape) & both working

Fuel            -   Check.  Filled up to the brim with Chip fat & with a spare can in the boot

Oil & ATF    -    Check.  All levels as they should be.

Indicators    -   Check.  Relay removed & cleaned with IPA (wonderful stuff).

Headlights    -   Check.  They work!

All that remains is to wish us luck which you can do by clicking on the n comments section below and leaving us a message.

I’m off to get some kip before the drive tonight.

7 Responses to “Pre-flight checks…”

  1. Keith Says:

    Good luck you’re gonna need it :P , I’m sure it will plain sailing … errm smooth rolling :D

  2. mark Says:

    good luck chaps! I have faith in the dyk rebuild and chris’s navigational ability to find all the bunkers along the way. However there’s no Ginsters Chicken and Mushroom slices in france remember, so stock up in the Texaco garage before you cross the water.

  3. Oli Says:

    Good luck guys. Enjoy the trip.

  4. Karen in London Says:

    Good Luck, you are mad Orde!

    Will follow your travels, enjoy the trip :)

  5. D.Twigg ( Chris`s Dad ) Says:

    Enjoy !
    Watch out for Red lights ( they`re brothels ).

  6. Mel Says:

    Good luck, boys, keep me posted (ah, the joy of having the computer to myself for the whole weekend…)
    There’ll be tea & cake waiting for you in York on tuesday!

    m x

  7. Nev and Kum Says:

    Good luck Orde and all who ride with him! Enjoy yourselves and take care or be careful if not good!!

    Love fronm Nev and Kum xx

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