Le Mans or Bust


Chris, Chris, Phil, Matt & I gave the taxi some attention tonight, and we now have a working Roof Sign with spanking new lettering, a working Le Mans/Bust illuminated side sign (nice one Phil although I hope it stays set to Le Mans) and a boot that now shouldn’t leak.

We also have a tyre courtesy of Tyre Traders and a new handbrake cable from Taxi Mart which will be sorted on Friday & Saturday respectively. Thanks to both firms who delivered the next working day, very impressive. A slight difficulty was encountered with the handbrake cable, in that you have to get the rear wheels off, a task which defeated me this evening. There are six 1″ diameter wheels bolts, and all of them seem to be welded in place. My wheel brace was too small, it bent my socket wrench (even when using a 4′ pole as a lever) and defeated my mole grips.

It will be coming off on Friday afternoon, with a little help from a stronger wrench and a scaffolding pole…

All seemed well on the drive home, as I’ve adjusted the idle screw so it now over-revs when idling, but seems to have stopped cutting out. I’m going to adjust it back the other way a little to try and stop it from seeming like I’m trying race people of the lights (although I did give some git in a Z3 a face full of diesel fumes).

Fingers crossed for the weekend….

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