Le Mans or Bust

Testing the e-mail posting

This is a test of the whole system I’ve bodged together. If everything works it should turn this e-mail into a post in the Technical category.

The image should come next:


(The above should be thumbnailed and linked.)

Cron should pick up the new post from the mail server after a minimum of five minutes. Finally, hourly it should clean up the e-mailed log files for jobs that didn’t result in a posting so that I don’t have to wade through 12 e-mails every hour, every day!

A big thanks to Postie for making this all possible.


3 Responses to “Testing the e-mail posting”

  1. Orde Says:

    Yay! Go me! I rock harder than granite! (And I didn’t cheat, honest injun.)

  2. Phil Says:

    Way to go, Nerdlinger!

  3. Mel Says:

    gotta love technology…
    it’s very reassuring to know I’ll be able to follow your progress all the way to the race and back.
    (as you may have noticed, I’m still not entirely convinced of the reliability of the taxi…)

J885 DYK