Le Mans or Bust

[Long string of expletives]

The taxi has a new game, it’s called trying to kill Tom. I didn’t think that an Automatic Diesel could stall, but it can. Frequently. In fact, every time you brake to slow down below a certain speed, the engine tried to cut out as the revs drop and you also lose power steering etc. I think it’s to do with the wiring (of course), but it did it as I was making a right turn infront of an oncoming Double Decker Bus, which was rather entertaining….

In other bad news, the handbrake has breathed its last (without taking the rear drums apart for serious re-adjustment; possible but unlikely given the time constraints). Also ‘Park’ is still not selectable without some new cable in the gearbox selector, which is going to make for an interesting Ferry Crossing… A solution is at hand, but does anyone want to donate a brick or two just in case?

Good news (for there is some) consists of the original battery reporting for duty in full health, the lights still working, the fuel line replacements are not letting air into the system & DYK fires up first time. We also have a working taxi sign and other electrics thanks to the kindness of Ian and his probe (insert joke here). It’s now wired off the ‘mystery button’ which is a mystery no more, it now makes us glow!

More work will be carried out hopefully on Wednesday evening, but in the mean time, I have a beggin request out there. Does anyone have a spare tyre I could have/borrow please? Any taxi drivers out there that want to contribute to a worthy cause, I can swap you a bald one for a week (a tempting offer I know). Alternatively, if anyone has a 175/80/ R16 tyre in a garage/shed, then please contact us!


2 Responses to “[Long string of expletives]”

  1. Chris Says:

    Well you said it yourself, if the taxi sign and the mystery button are now woking, taxi karma dictates that DYK starts cutting out at low revs.
    Save our lives, disconnect the sign.

  2. Phil Says:

    For the love of God, Tom, stop driving it. It gets worse every time you do. It is possible that the car has a fixed limit of 1000 miles left in it before it pisses diesel, brake fluid and blue water all over the road. Don’t waste those miles!

J885 DYK