Le Mans or Bust

[One word expression of malcontent]

I’ll let you pick your own.

However, seeing that we will have set off two weeks from today, and that I fixed the wipers and tested them at the weekend, why did they have to stop working? It seems that the whole right hand electrical stalk has packed up, as the windscreen washer failed to work as well. Time for some WD40 and some hope….

However, the original battery is back in, and charged, and that has made the indicators behave themselves again…. Oh wait, I fix one thing, and something else breaks. I have created the cab of sentient equilibrium! Not only is it a new life source, but a perfectly balanced being, in a state of automotive zen! Take that Dr. Frankenstein! I see your monster and raise you a black cab with a mind of its own….

3 Responses to “[One word expression of malcontent]”

  1. Orde Says:

    Well then, our transport has one more mind than all of its passengers combined.

  2. Rob Says:

    Are you going to be blogging while at Le Mans?

    Will we get podcasts / videocasts ? :-)

  3. Phil Says:

    We will be blogging at Le Mans. Depending on what we find there it might be just text from phones, but with any luck we’ll find some airborne internet access and some coal for the laptop and post some pictures too. I don’t know about podcasts, but I know Chris’s shiny new camera does mini videos. Very useful for if you invent a dance move and need to bust it before you forget it.

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