Le Mans or Bust


Looks like my brain was playing tricks with me again, and I have significantly overestimated the distance between Calais & Le Mans. I’m sure it took us all day last time, but then we were messing about in convoy on the back roads, having tremendous fun overtaking things in fast cars. This time it will be different, as ViaMichelin inform me that it is a mere 424KM from Calais to Le Mans, not the 600-odd miles that I had conjoured at random from my brain. Hey, that’s only a minimum of 6 hours in the cab! Result! :-)

According to the same site, it’s 444KM from York to Dover, so that stage of the journey will take longer than the section in France. I’m still estimating a total travelling time of 24 hours though, its just this way we have more time for breakdowns…

Right, I’m off to pick up the Cab for a week of road testing….

2 Responses to “Distance.”

  1. Darren Says:

    ONLY under 1000kms????

    Thats still a lot of mileage for a resuscitated cab!

    I cant wait to see the lvie updates as your going along :)

    P.S. Anyone bought you a copy of Taxi-Driver for your DVD player yet?

    If you have plans to fit one that is???? ;)

  2. Tom Says:

    Some day a rain’s gonna come and wash all the Porsches off the streets…. I’m sticking with the excellent Taxi rather than Taxi Driver, so perhaps next year we can take a souped-up white 406. Hmmm….

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