Le Mans or Bust


Vociferations to Dan at N138 clothing who are our newest sponsor. Swing by their site and take a look at their wares, the circuit shirt and the 917 in Gulf colours are already classics. Don’t forget the links section of their site whilst you are there - you might see something that is frighteningly familiar!


For buying us a new battery we must also thank Dave Twigg of The New Wilton News.

The New Wilton News

Heartfelt thanks to all our sponsors - it really means a lot to us that other people are prepared to put their name on this venture, please visit them all using the adverts that now appear on the right hand side. In case you can’t make it that far, here are our other sponsors:

3 Responses to “Advertorial”

  1. Tom Says:

    Hurrah for Dan! T-shirts & logos arrived today, so expect photos of the stickered cab as soon as I’ve put them on (hopefully Monday).

  2. Phil Says:

    Sorry. I couldn’t live with “A huge shout out to …” any more, so I’ve changed it to “Vociferations to …”, which was about as close as I could get in English.

    I’ve also changed “A huge thanks” to “Heartfelt thanks”, because I don’t think gratitude has a size.

    Yes, Orde has to put up with this from me all the time. No, for some reason he’s never punched me.

  3. Orde Says:

    This is Phil criticising me for being ’street’?.. Oh the hypocrisy.

    The only reason you don’t think grattitude has a size is because yours doesn’t exist, bee-atch! My thanks is so big that when it steps on a scale, it reads “one at a time, please”.

    You goon.  If you had just edited it without telling the world do you think I would have noticed?  I can’t remember what I wrote earlier today, never mind something I did two weeks ago whilst passing the time on a training course…

    (Actually, the main reason I haven’t punched him yet is that I’m afraid he might snap. That and he lives several hundred miles away from me…)

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