Le Mans or Bust

Stick ‘em up

Well, we’re now stickered up with the branding of our current sponsors: Chilled Heat and Yorkshire Tea. Although, as Chris pointed out, the placement of a graphic bearing the wording “Yorkshire Tea Served Here” immediately below the sign saying “No food or drink to be consumed in this vehicle” was more than a little ironic.

Side View

There’s still space on the Taxi for your company’s logo - just leave a comment if you would be interested in 2000 miles of rolling advertising to some of Europe’s most commited, sports car owning, race fans! [end shameless supplication]

2 Responses to “Stick ‘em up”

  1. Lennie Says:

    HOW did you get the great Yorkshire Tea to sponsor you?

  2. Orde Says:

    Errr… we wrote a begging letter. (And Mel works for Bettys.)

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