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Battery Musings

The battery on the taxi may well be as dead as a doornail, although more testing is required before we can tell conclusively whether this is the case. However, given that the price tag reads £11, and the price of a new one today is about 7 times that, it may well have reached the end of its life.

Nonetheless, the taxi was brought to life today with a little help from the battery which is also on its way out, removed from my Golf today. Technically, it shouldn’t be able to turn it over, as it’s the battery fitted to work with a 1.6 Diesel, not a 2.7, but it did. It may however be the cause of the indicators going from working (flashing on and off) to sort-of working (coming on and not flashing, just staying lit). Still, I’m fully trained in years of old car use in how to use hand signals….

Outstanding problems include:

The wiper (predictably), although I now how an arm that may fit (courtesy of Ian & his shed of bounty).

The heater matix. It would be nice to have working heating for the drive through the night, but it needs attention, as I suspect that the pipes are full of gak. Time for a spot of drain cleaner….

The handbrake needs adjusting, as currently it’s nothing more than a fancy ornament.

More as I think of them.


5 Responses to “Battery Musings”

  1. D.Twigg ( Chris`s Dad ) Says:

    To all concerned .
    I will buy you a new battery for the Taxi . Get a good `un and let me know the cost , I will forward the cash to Chris . ( dont want the stirling work to fail because of a duff battery ) .

  2. Lennie Says:

    What a nice man.

  3. whomevermaybeconserned Says:

    hopefully the wiper arm fits if it dosnt give it a whack (technical mechanic speak, you may now have guessed who this is from) if you still want the underneath to look like blackpool illuminations tom just let me know an i’ll cobble it together for you battery permiting

  4. ian (toms pal) Says:

    i would just like to say thanx to homever sent the camara lense it was greatfully reseived an works a treat. it will be given a proper road test at duncombe park on yhe bank oliday mon cheers again

  5. Tom Says:

    Cheers Ian, all sorted (I even got it off without breaking it after ballsing up the fitting the first time), and we now have working wipers! I do rather like the idea of underlighting it if we get the chance, like you say, battery permitting… We’ll sort out a date to get the handbrake sorted at some point as well…

J885 DYK