Le Mans or Bust

Sign Progress

My first major task was getting the thing apart, years of outdoor exposure had left all the main bolts holding the thing together completely rusted solid.

I decided to cut my losses and drill out the bolts, not something i’ve ever done before but I got away with all my limbs and vital organ still intact.

This left me with the following heap of pieces, including the original burnt out taxi sign behind the mysterious filthy yellow plastic.


I’m pretty convinced this isn’t Dyks original taxi sign, the bolts that secure it to the roof are not in the original holes and more importantly under the layer of tatty black paintwork its clearly from one of those burgandy coloured taxis, you can just about make it out if you squint at this picture.


I invested in a sanding flap wheel and quickly got rid of most of the loose paint and rust (admitted onto the spare bedroom floor much to my taxi widows dismay)

Then today I got busy with the spray paint and gave it all a lovely new shiny coat of black


3 Responses to “Sign Progress”

  1. Darren Says:

    Hmm..won’t the traffic sign create havoc with the aerodynamics when you leap across the channel from off the ramp you’ll be using?

  2. Phil Says:

    No. We’ve got an unidentified button. It must be assumed that this is the taxi’s Turbo Boost button, just like Kitt’s. That should take care of the extra drag. We can make it.

  3. Darren Says:

    Well thats alright then.

    …just remember to identify the button before you hit the beginning of the ramp!

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