Le Mans or Bust

Shameless Plug…

…but not for the Taxi this time. As I sit here gazing at the grey overcast sky which is preventing me from having a go at fixing things on DYK, I ponder how much easier it would be if I had some extra money to plough into the project. Perhaps if someone were to buy my car then this captial might become readily available. [Cue mystical hand gestures & mutterings of buy it, you know you want to].

On the DYK front however, weather permitting, I’m putting together a Programme of Works for the weekend, which will incorporate a substantial run out with the cab fully laden, to see how it copes. A 150 mile round trip in the afternoon should be enough to give us an idea of what to expect, or leave us broken down by the roadside (or both).

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J885 DYK