Le Mans or Bust

A belated update

A brief run-down of Saturday’s achievements following on from what Chris has said was roughly as follows:

  1. Finally fixed the air intake (for the moment)
  2. Tightened the alternator belt
  3. Secured the wing bolts (to make sure the off-side front one stays attached)
  4. Fixed the door handles so they now open from the inside.  Not exactly an OEM solution mind you, but it worked perfectly and only cost £1.50.
  5. Removed part of the dashboard to replace blown bulbs and investigate wiper.
  6. Re-positioned speaker on rear parcel shelf to provide in-car ents once wired in.
  7. Vacuumed the inside (including the last kg or so of broken glass from inside the doors.
  8. The ‘For Hire’ and ‘Taxi’ signs have been removed for working on separately.

 It wasn’t all wonderful however, as we still have:

  1.  The wiring.  Put in by a sensless simian using handfuls of random wires linked to whatever could be found.  The off-side headlight just shouldn’t work!  It’s not possible!  But it does, so I’ll leave it alone
  2. The radio.  It was working in the morning, but now has no power.  Hmmm….
  3. The near-side windscreen wiper.  The cause has been established, as the arm is shot and not gripping the spindle.  After a couple of attempted bodges, I think we need a new arm….
  4. Did I mention the wiring?  There’s more to that than a simple statement would have you believe…
  5. The Supercharger.  Strangely enough, no-one else seems keen on this….

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