Le Mans or Bust

My name is Orde and I’m a Taxi spotter.

Most of the cabs in Edinburgh are LTI TXI/II’s with a few Metrocabs, there don’t seem to be any Fairways like DYK (the differences are quite obvious when you get your eye in).  However, in London there are a plentiful supply of the older Fairways and metal rot round the TAXI sign seems to be fairly common - I know because I’ve been looking for it.

For the record, the graphic at the top of this page is based on a TXI which has a much rounder shoulderd roof and the sign is, again, more curvy than the Fairway. 

My god, I’m obsessed - I need a 12 step program to fight my addiction.

4 Responses to “My name is Orde and I’m a Taxi spotter.”

  1. required Says:

    Home of the London Taxi:


  2. Tom Says:

    Well…when you find such a program let me know, as I’ve been doing exactly the same thing in Leeds today. Almost entirely TX1s with a smattering of Metrocabs, and not a single Fairway FX4.
    Heretics! Imposters! Bashi-Bazooks!

  3. Phil Says:

    You pair of freaks.

  4. Orde Says:

    You could step on my face 12 times - that would cure me of my obsesson…

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