Le Mans or Bust

To do list

This is a bit rich, considering I probably won’t be doing much, or possibly even any of it, but here is a list of the things that I remember definitely need to be done before we set off.

1) Replace that terrible 3″ bit of hose that Ian pointed out was absolutely shafted.

2) Tighter the alternator belt.

3) Make it so the doors open from the inside.

4) Fix the taxi sign, and, if possible, pimp it.

Also, Matt’s bodywork repairs will make us look super-smart. I think we should also put our own choice of pictures in the back seat advertising spaces. I vote for a picture of Mary Poppins on one side, and Bert on the other. It’s a jolly holiday with Mary. No wonder that it’s Mary that we love.

2 Responses to “To do list”

  1. Tom Says:

    1) Ian’s aquiring us some hose from work
    2) I can sort the alternator belt sometime this week
    3) A chap at work suggested I try toilet flushing handles, and you know what, I think he’s onto something…
    4) I’ll leave that up to someone else

    I can’t remember if I’ve addressed those points in the correct order, but you get the idea… In addition, the wiper needs sorting again, as it gave up the ghost on Saturay night…in the rain.

  2. Lennie Says:

    Make the light blue like the underlighting!

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