Le Mans or Bust

A Successful Day - Part 2

Further to Chris’ post on yesterday afternoon’s work, we managed to achieve a few good things all over:

  • The air intake pipe is now fitted, although the top speed has subsequently gone down (see below), possibly because there’s a slight kink in the new pipe. More investigation required….
  • The near side headlight now functions properly, thanks to Phil and Chris’ sterling effort.
  • The near side wiper now functions(ish) following Ian’s judicious use of molegrips.
  • The near side front wing is now actually attached properly (see left hand photo in Chris’ post below)
  • The drivers’ seat is comfortable! Probably because the bottom of it was taken out and replaced with that from a Hyundai, which does make the driving position slightly higher, but I’m a short-arse, so that’s quite beneficial.
  • The partition between driver and passenger has been removed to allow us to actually talk to each other en-route.

All in all, pretty good, and if it keeps coughing up money at this rate we’ll be rich!

It also has has a wash and coat of polish for the first time in its life, and looked so good, that I gatecrashed Tadcaster car show in it today. There was plenty of fancy metal there, but it got its fair share of attention, especially when I mentioned the plan to take it to Le Mans… While there I aquired some 1″ x 2.5″ union flag stickers to go on the wings (photos to follow), and a steering wheel cover to replace the monstrosity that was on there before (mmm…fake walnut formed from plastic.)

I think the door mechanisms might have to be the next priority, as I’m getting tired of opening the driver’s door from the outside…

Clean!Top Speed.jpg

One Response to “A Successful Day - Part 2”

  1. Phil Says:

    I think we might need to wrap the air intake in tape. Nothing in the world is less air-tight than that pipe.

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