Le Mans or Bust

It lives!

I took a trip out tonight, to grab the battery and charge it up before Saturday, but my impatience meant that I had to try and jump start it from the Audi instead.

Confession time:  There is a fuel primer, but not a self primer as on the Audi.  Hidden in the grime on the top of the fuel filter (alright, alright, it was obvious but I didn’t see it) was a large black button.  Once pumped repeatedly, it primes the fuel filter and the lines, and then DYK started first turn of the key.  That’s the new thing I’ve learned for the day, although I still feel like an amateur.

Once out and running, a top speed of 60mph was obtained…after about a mile on the flat with my foot to the floor.  It doesn’t sound like it’s revving overly highly, so I shall check that the throttle cable is properly adjusted come Saturday.  Also, I now have the ducting for the air intake, so you never know, we might yet obtain 61mph!

3 Responses to “It lives!”

  1. Lennie Says:

    Good work Mr Bennett but the press must know, will it make it to France?

  2. Tom Says:

    Well….maybe. Now it’s running I’ll have the chance to test it thoroughly and find out if it’s likely to get there or not.

  3. Phil Says:

    I think we should take it for a test drive some time. It’ll be like a prequel. Episode 1: To Hull and Back!

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