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Donor Vehicle

My brother-in-law is very good at breaking cars. There’s a Hyundai Accent on my mother-in-law’s drive thats been there for over three years rotting into the tarmac.

Tom and Orde came to Redcar one weekend and we proceeded to take it apart to see if we could fix it. (More for fun that with any real intention of fixing it.)

We knew we wouldn’t manage when we found a six inch hole in the side of the engine where a broken piston had punched through it. Anyway, this means there’s a car full of spares just sat there ready to use. The wrong car admittedly but lets forget that for the moment.

I have extracted the stereo and four speakers and I’m going back tonight to try and get as much of the stereo wiring out as I can with resorting to my mate Stanley (the knife).

I think I could easily have a pop at getting the rear wiper motor out, no idea if it will fit but what the heck: I dont have any other plans.

Dyk is a bit underdeveloped in the drivers seat department, I’m going to try to unbolt the whole Hyundai seat from the floor and take it along to York on Saturday.

One Response to “Donor Vehicle”

  1. Mel Says:

    Comfy seats- the smartest idea yet in this crazy project!

    Mel (the taxi widow!)

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