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Designer website

Given that I’ve spent more than a little time on this I want to blag the credit for the work I’ve been doing on the design (if you hate it then it’s all Phil’s fault).

I’m done with the basic layout (check out the bumper at the bottom of the page, it’s probably going to be missed by most people) all I need to do now is sort out the text formatting, a job not made any easier by Internot Exploiter’s idiosyncratic rendering of things that work in a proper browser [ressum, fessum, messum…]

Right, I’m off to design my own web site… with blackjack… and babes. In fact: forget the web site… and the blackjack.

One Response to “Designer website”

  1. Idaho Wiggum Says:

    I think the bumper’s great, Orde. You win a biscuit.

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