Le Mans or Bust

Obstacles are only there to be destroyed

The “ghetto satnav” system is now fully jury rigged and operational.

Technical problems and solutions for geeks and spods :-

Fooling Autoroute into thinking it’s installing from a CDROM when you don’t have a CDROM - MagicISO and DaemonTools.

Fooling Autoroute into using a signal from a Fortuna GPSmart which uses a fixed non-standard baud rate - Franson GPSGate.

Although in the end I ditched the Fortuna which is horribly unreliable and keeps turning itself off in favour of my Garmin Geko 201 which has a cigarette lighter power lead of its own too..

And there I am, at my house ! The next challenge is to take it out and let it direct me as a test.

Ghetto Satnav

One Response to “Obstacles are only there to be destroyed”

  1. Obs Cdr R. C. Saunders (Rtd) MIL UN GSM & Bar Says:

    Do tell us - the world awaits anxiously to hear if you ever made it back home safely at the end of your satnav guided trial expetition? Winnie the Pooh found the North Pole without a satnav, so I wonder where your trip took you?

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