Le Mans or Bust

Post from the Wheelman.

Greetings, my name is Tom, and I like driving. I’m going to be doing most of the driving on this outing (at least I hope so), which is going to involve piloting DYK through France (once I get it running again).

I was originally going to replace my dull yet functional Audi 80 with something more interesting to pilot us to Le Mans, and I made the mistake of asking these fine Gents what I should get. Chris responded that I should buy a 6l V12 Jag, and I agreed as long as we’d all split the cost. I’m not quite sure how that metamorphosed into a London Cab, but it has more character, and may even get us there (and I can run it on chip fat).

This was what I used to drive btw:

Me and something slightly faster.

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J885 DYK