Le Mans or Bust

I claim some responsibilty.

Hi, I’m Chris and it was me who first mentioned the idea of a taxi, I would like to claim it was all some sort of beautiful moment of epiphany with a choir of angels but the real reasons were born out of me not wanting to drive my Renault Clio all the way to Le Mans

The conditions of the scheme were a maximum £500 total cost for 4 people and something “with style”, so I hit fleaBay as soon as I could and taxis popped up relatively early in the proceedings. Rejected ideas included a hearse as that seemed to be tempting fate just a little too much.

The main reason I got involved in this project was so I could legitimately buy a bowler hat.

Hat Hat Hat

3 Responses to “I claim some responsibilty.”

  1. Obs Cdr R. C. Saunders (Rtd) MIL UN GSM & Bar Says:

    epihany - is this correctly spelt?

  2. Chris Says:

    It is now.

  3. Obs Cdr R. C. Saunders (Rtd) MIL UN GSM & Bar Says:

    Most encouraging! A good omen – it indicates the assiduous attention being shown by the team to even the finest details of everything involved in this trip. (Muffled noises of coughing heard at this point.)

J885 DYK