Le Mans or Bust

Is it just me ?

Orde : Is it just me or does anyone else keep catching themselves thinking that what we are doing is insane?

Tom : Yup, there’s a slight whiff of insanity about the whole thing, and I’ve got a mixture of looks when explaining the plan ranging from admiration to fear that I’m a nutter. No-one has had a bad word to say about it though.

Phil : No. It makes the most sense of anything we’ve done for ages. I might say different if I’m stranded on some French motorway.

Chris : I don’t think its insane in slightest. I’m just happy that we’ve taken up the challenge to go the extra mile with something, rather than just doing the minimum to make it happen.

One Response to “Is it just me ?”

  1. Smythe Says:

    You, my fine fellows, are an example of what makes this country great.

    Keep up the good work.

J885 DYK