Le Mans or Bust

Work cut out…

Just thought I’d share these photos with you. I’m hoping that the one with the bonnet up isn’t an omen, especially as the spring catch is at the perfect height to catch your head on.

The second shot shews the old sump washer…in two parts which was how it (finally) came off, and the bright shiney new one about to go on.

The third? That’s what I’m going to use to resurface the road outside my house as it’s really not oil any more, even though it came out of the sump. Mmmm…nice.

I really hope that the sump washer isn’t indicative of the state of the rest of it. Oh wait, no I’ve just remembered the state of the wiring underneath the dashboard… :-) I’m looking forward to this …

Sump Washers old and new.Bonnet Up!The tar from the sump

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