Le Mans or Bust

Status update

Rain. Not to begin with, oh no, but just after all the flaky, rusty surface paint had been taken off, and just before any form of primer could be applied. However, once it cleared up, the rust work continued, and the door pillars are now looking a lot better.

The near-side headlight was re-mounted (with a spot of light drilling), and while it’s not perfect, it is more stable than it was. All I need to do now is find the source of the short that’s making it so dim.

The near-side wiper doesn’t work. No problem over here, but a potential problem on the continent. Fixing this will apparently involve taking out the dashboard, and some heavy duty bodging.

Having removed the new fuel filter and re-primed it in the classic way (a length of hosepipe and a lot of spitting - bio diesel tastes better than conventional diesel, but still not nice), the b**tard still wouldn’t start. Currently, we have a taxi with a flat battery, and fuel lines full of air. Great.

On the bright side, the Taxi’s purchase price has come down from £345.51 to £342.41 as I found £3.10 in the boot that had fallen out of passengers’ pockets. Result!

Next day of tinkering is to be Saturday 29th unless I can wangle an evening next week…

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