Le Mans or Bust

Let battle commence!

I took the day off, and purchased the following items:

  • Bottle of injector cleaner for diesels
  • 10 litres mineral oil (15w40)
  • Fuel filter
  • Air Filter
  • Oil Filter
  • Ducting for air intake (50mm)
  • Black Hammerite Smooth Spray
  • 40 litres of biodiesel

That sounded easy didn’t it? It took about 2 hours to find the bits, even at that most competent of Motor Factors, Andrew Page.

AP: “Are you going into the taxi business then?”
Me: “No, 3 friends and I bought it to drive to Le Mans and watch the race.
AP: “……..”
[Five minutes of conversation about how slightly crazy the plan is, and am I sure I know what I’m doing.]
AP: “So, what Engine is it?”
Me: “It’s a 2.7l Nissan Diesel unit”
AP: “What’s that from?”
Me: “Well according to Nissan Customer services, the only 2.7l lump they ever made was in the Terrano.
AP: [Searches] “Nope, not coming up. Can you get any numbers of the existing filters?”
[Cue 15 minutes of fumbling, swearing & skinned knuckles]
Me: “Success! Try these numbers!”
AP: “No, not from a Terrano.”

Still, I got all the bits eventually thanks to the patience of the staff at Andrew Page, York. Incidentally, most of the parts are shared with the Nissan Patrol, so bear this in mind potential taxi purchasers…

Air filter fitted, and a new cruising speed of 60mph obtained as a result, I drove to the stable to sort the oil. Changed the tar oil and filter, and then changed the (still original) fuel filter.

I freely admit that this is where I ballsed up a little. Having carried out the procedure a number of times on my Audi, I followed the same principle, and didn’t prime the fuel filter with diesel.

Where the Germans and the Japanese engines differ in this respect, is that the Audi after cutting out having used the remaining diesel, can prime the fuel filter before allowing the fuel access to the injector pipes. The Nissan doesn’t, dragging air into the cylinders and pipes.

I finished with the Taxi now unable to start, oh yes, and the ****ing ducting is too small by about 3mm to make an air intake.

I’ll be back on Saturday….

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