Le Mans or Bust


TB:  “Hello, I’d like a quotation please, but before I go any further, it’s for a Black Cab.”

Insurance Conmpany:  “Sorry, we don’t do taxi insurance.”

 TB:  “It’s for Social Domestic & Pleasure use only.”

Insurance Company:  “Oh…no sorry, still can’t help/What car?  It’s not on our system/Yes, that’ll be £800 third party only limited to 3000 miles.”

 [Repeat ad nauseum for approximately 3 hours]


It was suggested by a colleague at work that I try Footman James.  What can I say, apart from singing their praises to the sky!  After warning me that they probably wouldn’t be competitive, they proceeded to offer me a Fully Comprehensive policy, including European breakdown (very imporatant), with unlimited mileage for less than half of the price of anyone else.  I’d recommend them if you have something classic/slightly unusual to insure.

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